Garlic – by Penny Woodward

October 3, 2015 Article

Garlic – that quintessential ingredient in cooking that we all need, but so few grow. And of those who do grow it, some have successes, others’ failures … So what’s the answer to growing garlic?

In her book, Penny gives a good overall account of garlic’s history, naming conventions, and delves into its chemistry, explaining why some people suffer from garlic breath or odour.

The book covers growing garlic in great detail from both a home gardener and commercial viewpoint, with detailed information that is often left out of general gardening books.

But wait, garlic is just, well, garlic isn’t it? Not so apparently. There are thought to be over 1000 cultivars worldwide so there is plenty of variety. But which one(s) to choose? Penny gives details of some 60 different cultivars grown in Australia making choosing the right variety for your soil conditions and dining preferences that much easier.

Highly Recommended!