Storing firewood in a Holz Haus

October 3, 2015 Article


Firewood is central to our energy needs for our cottage. We use an Esse wood stove not only to cook with but also to provide hot water (through thermo-siphon) and hydronic heating throughout the house. All the wood we consume for the stove has been felled from our property or gleaned from nearby forests.

I have been spending the past few years experimenting with the best way to season and dry wood and I think that the Holz Haus (German for wood house) may hold the key. We noticed several Holz Hausen on properties in Sweden when we visited last year and found them attractive with a reputation of being very effective even in heavy snow areas.

For more information about holz hausen see here

In the Holz Haus in the background below, the wood will season and dry out for 4-6 months over the summer period before I store it in a wood shed. The approximate dimensions of the Holz Haus are 3.5m diameter by 2m high, thereby storing around 18 cubic metres of firewood.