Permaculture internship available in Flowerdale

August 12, 2016 News and Events

Keen on doing an internship in permaculture? This could be the opportunity for you!

Welcome Benalla Permaculture!

July 21, 2016 News and Events

Permaculture groups in Victoria are going from strength to strength, with new groups popping up to help communities come together and build a more resilient future.

Welcome Permaculture Out West!

June 11, 2016 News and Events

Permaculture Victoria would like to formally welcome Permaculture Out West to the fold! POW (as they are affectionately known) are well known in Melbourne’s western suburbs and have their own community nursery, a well networked team…

Pcv is looking for an Editor and a President!

January 10, 2016 News and Events

Permaculture Victoria has plans for a bigger, brighter 2016 – but we need your help. As you know, this is a volunteer organisation, and right now we need a few more passionate permies to assist us. Could it be you?

Monbulk –¬†Fruit Tree classes

December 20, 2015 News and Events

The full 10 days which of 11-12 Fruit Tree classes can be done over 2 years – this is the new vision of our Advanced PDC in natural fruit tree/ food forest design & management.

Australia’s Treasure Trove

October 3, 2015 Article

The rural, roadside fruit trees of southern Australia are an enormously under-valued cultural, horticultural, ecological and aesthetic resource. Tasmania, Victoria, South…

Storing firewood in a Holz Haus

October 3, 2015 Article

Firewood is central to our energy needs for our cottage. We use an Esse wood stove not only to cook with…

Garlic – by Penny Woodward

October 3, 2015 Article

Garlic – that quintessential ingredient in cooking that we all need, but so few grow. And of those who do grow…

Magnesium and Tomatoes

October 3, 2015 Article

Almost every year I have planted tomatoes and looked forward to a bountiful harvest that I could eat and share around….

The Secrets of Soil

October 3, 2015 Article

A reflection on the November 2014 Soil Food Web Course I attended taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil excites me. As…

Trunk News

August 17, 2015 Trunk News

Great News! We have a new local group – Permaculture South West Victoria! A fledgling yet enthusiastic group based loosely from…