Storing firewood in a Holz Haus

October 3, 2015 Article

Firewood is central to our energy needs for our cottage. We use an Esse wood stove not only to cook with…

Garlic – by Penny Woodward

October 3, 2015 Article

Garlic – that quintessential ingredient in cooking that we all need, but so few grow. And of those who do grow…

Magnesium and Tomatoes

October 3, 2015 Article

Almost every year I have planted tomatoes and looked forward to a bountiful harvest that I could eat and share around….

The Secrets of Soil

October 3, 2015 Article

A reflection on the November 2014 Soil Food Web Course I attended taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil excites me. As…

Trunk News

August 17, 2015 Trunk News

Great News! We have a new local group – Permaculture South West Victoria! A fledgling yet enthusiastic group based loosely from…