Fermenting Fridays

August 2, 2024
Please check with the event organiser, as due to social distancing guidelines, event may be cancelled or may happen online instead.
Friday, 2nd Aug 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Monthly get togethers to share fermenting skills and starters. Bring your curiousity and, if you have any, your keffir grains, komboucha scobys or sourdough starters. Feel free to bring something fermented, baked or brewed to share.
The event may be held at a community centre, in a public park or at a private home. The location will be sent out ahead of the monthly gathering to those who’ve registered. The registration link will be posted on POW’s facebook event page.
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This event is hosted by Permaculture Out West (pow.org.au).

Private residence