Benalla Permaculture

Benalla Permaculture is a group of Permaculture Enthusiasts in North East Victoria, based around Benalla.

We are a diverse and growing group of permaculturists covering Permaculture Design for both Urban and Rural sites. We hold regular meetings at members’ properties under the banner of “Meet & Greet, Walk & Talk, Chat & Chew.”

We run courses and workshops on a range of topics including Fruit Tree Grafting, Natural Beekeeping, Introduction to Permaculture and Keeping Chooks to name but a few. Given the rural location of the group, we have a particular interest in Regenerative Agriculture. We are also starting a local Seed Bank.

There is a surprising number of Permies and Self Sufficiency people in Benalla and surrounding areas, and so we see great things for Benalla Permaculture in the future.


Areas covered: Benalla and Districts in North Eastern Victoria