Bee Group donates to Permaculture Victoria’s Clarkson Education and Special Projects Funds

September 22, 2016 News and Events

When the Bee Group was first formed, an application was made to Trunk for assistance to print some brochures, which was given, and is still greatly appreciated. Through running courses and other fund raising activities, the Bee Group then managed to accumulate some funds .

At the Bee Group committee meeting of 21st April 2016, in recognition of the assistance given to the Bee Group to help get them up and running, and in the spirit of Permaculture Ethic Rule #3 – Return of Surplus – they agreed to offer a donation of $1,000 to the Clarkson Education Fund/Special Projects Fund to assist other members and groups who are in need of a leg up.

These monies will initially be split equally between the two funds, or at a ratio governed by applications if appropriate. Also, these monies, as being from a source external to the funds, will be made available for application and dispersal in full and not be subject to the 5% limitation rule a set out in the Grants and Scholarships Bylaws, items 2.8 and 3.2.3. This way a reasonable amount is available to help others, and the balances of the Clarkson/Projects Funds are kept intact.

A big thanks is owed to the team at the Bee Group for making this donation available to be dispersed!