Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

September 28, 2018 News and Events

Hepburn, October 27th – 28th, 2018
Join Nick Ritar for two jam-packed days of hands-on skills in edible mushroom propagation. Learn how to grow delicious oyster, shiitake, pioppino, enoki, reishi (lingzhi), lion’s mane, king stropharia and many other mushrooms at home, organically!

This practical workshop will take you through the details of home mushroom propagation and introduce you to the fascinating world of fungi. You’ll also receive a host of take-home mushroom resources to get you growing.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The biology & ecology of Fungi
  • How to expand liquid culture syringes
  • How to make your own re-usable liquid culture equipment
  • ‘Cloning’ store-bought mushrooms to make your own pure liquid cultures
  • Producing spore prints and using them to produce new strains
  • Duplicating liquid cultures so you can keep a master bank of different species
  • Using liquid cultures to inoculate organic grain to make your own spawn
  • How to use that spawn to inoculate freely available materials to grow massive amounts of mushrooms
  • How to modify recycled containers to grow mushrooms while avoiding single use plastics
  • How to create the right conditions to encourage your fungi to produce the best mushrooms
  • How to create a garden of giant mushrooms in your own backyard
  • How to inoculate logs with sawdust & dowel spawn in order to grow the highest quality shiitake mushrooms

By the end of this course you will have the skills to take any suitable store-bought or foraged mushroom, clone and propagate it in a variety of ways, and create a lifetime supply of mushrooms with minimal start up costs.

This course will be held in the school hall at Hepburn Primary School. There’s also an optional Saturday afternoon after-class tour, to explore Nick’s home mushroom cultivation setup just down the street at Melliodora Permaculture Farm.
Tickets: $550.00
10% off for earlybirds who book up to 6 weeks early,
15% for bookings of 2 or more, up until the day of the course.
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