Kinship – Kinglake Earthship-Guided Tour and Q&A

January 31, 2018 News and Events

February 2019  2nd, 9th & 16th
Kinship (the Kinglake Earthship) a climate- and disaster-resilient and regenerative design inspired by Mike Reynolds (Biotecture) and David Holmgren (Permaculture).
Kinship is an exemplar BioCulture demonstration and education site. There will a comprehensive presentation on the site history and evolution and the application of Biotecture, Permaculture and Regenerative eco-design priniciples and practices followed by an extensive guided tour and an in-depth and highly practical ‘how to .. ‘ Q & A.

~ Please Note ~ from March 2019 individual, couple, family and group bookings are welcome should you be interested in staying overnight or across a weekend or even for a whole week in Victoria’s first Earthship (induction, orientation and education is provided for all our guests).

Tickets $70