Pcv is looking for an Editor and a President!

January 10, 2016 News and Events

Permaculture Victoria has plans for a bigger, brighter 2016 – but we need your help. As you know,  this is a volunteer organisation, and right now we need a few more volunteers to assist us! Check out the roles below, maybe one of these roles is for you!

Possibly the first PIE editor in action

Possibly the first PIE editor in action

PIE Editor:

We are looking for a new person to take on the voluntary role of bi-monthly PIE Editor.

Do you have writing/editing and layout skills, and a vision for an engaging regular newsletter to inform and link permies throughout Victoria?  If so please fill out the form below!

Mal Boyd has stepped in as Acting President to keep things rolling along, but we are still looking for a President for the organisation. If the role of President sounds interesting fill out the form below.


If either of the above roles sound like a good fit for you, fill our the form below!

Defect/Bug/Issue Report
Restate the problem title and/or include more descriptive summary information.
Include any setup or preparation work and the steps we can take to reproduce the problem.
Describe your results and how they differed from what you expected.
Provide information on steps taken to isolate the problem. Under what conditions or circumstances does the problem occur or not occur.
Is there a Workaround?
If there is a workaround for the problem, please describe it in detail.
Document any additional information that might be useful in resolving the problem.