Permaculture internship available in Flowerdale

August 12, 2016 News and Events

Keen on doing an internship in permaculture? This could be the opportunity for you!

A couple and a single mane are currently on 35 acres in Flowerdale. At the moment the two males are working to set up separate complementary non-competing enterprises.
We are working on getting the Elaine Ingham method – Soil food web integrated in to the farm.
The farm has a space where 4.5 acres of blueberries used to be, and the bare bones are still there .
Posts and irrigation system – that is one of the longer term projects under consideration.
Medicinal mushrooms ,truffles,on site nursery etc. are some of the other projects currently under consideration.
We are seeking an intern who will be working with both of us on our projects
The successful candidate will have an opportunity to develop a complementary enterprise on the land.
You will need to be able to present your idea and have written or have an ability to write a business plan.
There is a fruit orchard next door that might be coming up for lease .
Possibly living in the farm house in exchange for maintaining the orchard.
You would have sufficient time to work with us and maintain the orchard and progress your own project.
On a larger projects we would work together on each others projects
This way we will learn each others projects and it would allow us time to be away .
We are looking to provide for most of our own food needs.
We have lots of audio visual material relating to permaculture related subjects.
The successful applicant would be expected to peruse such materials and engage in regular brainstorming /planning sessions
For more details, contact or check out the website here