Trunk News

August 17, 2015 Trunk News

Great News! We have a new local group – Permaculture South West Victoria! A fledgling yet enthusiastic group based loosely from Camperdown across to Warrnambool, with even a South Australian joining the group, I expect we will be seeing great things coming out of the region in the not too distant future. Congratulation to all concerned!

This year was a little different in regards to our exhibiting at festivals.

The Sustainable Living Festival, our normal haunt, ran as per usual, but they were unable to run The Big Weekend as they normally do due to all available venues being commandeered for the World Cup Cricket. Sigh!

So we decided to try something different this year, an exhibit at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo (SAFE).

SAFE has been running for many years, and it has been on our minds for quite some time, so we thought we would test the waters. The demographics of visitors was quite different to SLF, largely rural small holders rather than urban office workers. We had a good number of people through the tent and many good discussions were held. There were some things that worked, others that didn’t, but on the whole it was a good result for a first attempt.

A week later Claire and I headed over to Bairnsdale for (f)routeville, a small but very successful gathering of like minded people in the area covering everything from food to music and tents to seedlings. The day went very well indeed and it was surprising the number of local permies who came to talk with us. Will we see a local out that way? Time will tell.